The UVA Rotunda print is a superior gift for UVA graduates and alumni: a gallery-quality giclee print on heavy stretched canvas. The UVA Rotunda print is an excellent choice if you are looking for UVA art and prefer the more sophisticated presence of a painting over widely available UVA Rotunda photographs.

The print is made using the giclee process, whereby millions of tiny drops of pigment are layered onto the high-grade canvas to create a nearly indistinguishable replica of the original painting. There is no comparison between this print and posters or ordinary canvas prints.

Framed UVA Rotunda Print

Framed uva rotunda print

Unframed UVA Rotunda Print


UVA Rotunda PrintIn 2011, during my fourth year at UVA, I finished an oil painting of the UVA Rotunda as a graduation gift to myself. When my friends saw the painting, it became clear that there was a universal desire to take a piece of UVA with us after graduation. So I started making gallery-quality giclee prints of my UVA Rotunda painting for friends, family, and others in the University community. My UVA Rotunda prints can be found in the Comm School’s board room, in many sorority and fraternity houses, and occasionally in lawn rooms.

I want every UVA alumnus to enjoy the way my painting sparks my memory of afternoon tailgates on the lawn, early mornings and late nights on grounds, and the rewarding academic environment that UVA provides its students.

It is perfect for those seeking UVA art for their homes or offices, premium quality graduation gift, or a special gift for an alumnus.

If you are interested in the painting, you have two options.

The first is my unframed UVA Rotunda prints on stretched canvas, which come in three ideal sizes and come ready to hang on the wall or display on a bookshelf, table, or desk. These also provide you the option of framing the painting to your own preferences.

The second option is my premium framed limited edition UVA Rotunda print, which is signed, numbered, and framed by hand in an exceptionally high quality museum plein air frame.

If you are interested in learning more about my artwork, please swing by my personal web page, where you can see my most recent oil paintings, limited edition canvas prints, and charity work. I am happy to discuss commissioned artwork with you, as well as custom UVA Rotunda print sizes and framing if you have particular needs. Thanks for stopping by and please keep in touch.

– Miles Morin



Framed UVA Rotunda print
UVA Rotunda art
UVA Rotunda painting
Framed uva rotunda painting
UVA rotunda print 11x14